There are people who think the Cleveland Browns will win the Deshaun Watson trade

And apparently the only way that can happen is nearly impossible.

Jan 13, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans head coach Demo Ryans hugs Cleveland Browns head
Jan 13, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans head coach Demo Ryans hugs Cleveland Browns head / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have won the Deshaun Watson trade, full stop. There is no need to have a further discourse about this fact. As it is a fact. The Texans have rebuilt their entire team off the back of the trade that sent Watson and all of his gross behavioral issues off to the Cleveland Browns. They've landed Will Anderson Jr. and Tank Dell as part of that trade, while also drafting C.J. Stroud dependent on the Watson deal.

The Texans got rid of an albatross who hasn't been worth a contract set at the veterans' minimum, and the Browns essentially gave him a $230 fully guaranteed deal that is forcing them to make bad moves, like trading for Jerry Jeudy and giving him a mostly guaranteed deal that he never once proved he deserved.

The trade has been so bad, that many consider it the worst trade of all time, and shouldn't they? He sat out of the 2021 season with the Texans and then missed 11 games in each of his next two seasons with the Browns. He's played just 12 out of a possible 50 games. When you miss 38 games in three seasons, some things clearly not going your way. Not only that, but the Browns now have to hope that the shoulder issue he's developed in his throwing arm can be properly mended.

After all, surgeries like this can be career-altering, if not ending. Despite what people like to say, there's no way of knowing if someone can make a full recovery when you start hacking and slashing into someone's body. Jarvis Landry, another former Browns player, underwent hip surgery that was underplayed by everyone involved. Yet, that surgery essentially ended his career.

There's no telling how bad the shoulder injury is going to be, number one, and number two, the Cleveland Browns' own beat-writer, Mary Kay Cabot, has even gone on record with what the Browns need to do to "win the trade".

Win a Super Bowl. Yikes.

Maybe they should've kept Baker Mayfield after all. Mayfield was the quarterback that Watson was brought in to replace and since then Mayfield has out-performed Watson, even earning a Pro Bowl nod in 2023.

Considering the Browns have been pretty inept with Jimm Haslam as the owner, Watson's injury, expanding contract, and the fact that all the work Browns GM Andrew Berry is doing to kick owed money down the road, it not only seems unlikely the Browns win a Super Bowl, but that the team implodes over mismanagement sooner rather than later.