The top-4 quarterbacks in Houston Texans' history

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. player. . . Davis Mills. 3. 10.

Ok, let the roasting begin.  I get it, Davis Mills hasn't been great and probably shouldn't be on any top-player list.  But hear me out.  As I previously mentioned, the quarterback room in Texans' history is slim but Mills has 26 starts to his name with the Texans, fourth most in franchise history.

Here is another stat for you.  Mills is also fourth in team history with 5,782 yards, while also ranking fourth for touchdowns with 33.

He was drafted by the Texans in the 2021 NFL Draft, selected in the third round, 67th overall.  He played his college ball at Stanford.  He started 13 games and amassed 3,468 yards with only 18 touchdowns.  Numbers that don’t jump off the screen at you, I know.

During his rookie season with the Texans, he threw for 2,664 yards with 16 touchdowns and ten interceptions.  He also completed an impressive 66.8% of his passes.  He was arguably one of the better rookie quarterbacks of his class, which also included the number one overall pick, Trevor Lawrence.  No one will say Mills is better at this point in his career than Lawrence, but Mills showed promise early.

The main reason I put Mills number three on this list, is he ranks highly statistically, yet had limited weapons, and a questionable offensive line in front of him.  The other three quarterbacks on this list had either Andre Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins to catch passes, and in some cases, both.  Mills easily had the worst team around him during his first two years.

. . 10. . . David Carr. 4. player

It feels gross putting David Carr on any top players list, but again, we are very limited in our choices, and Carr, statistically, is right up there toward the top.  He ranks third in team history for passing with 13,391 and touchdowns with 59.

Could there be other options?  Maybe, Ryan Fitzpatrick could take the fourth spot, but then again, he played only one season with the team and had the best-supporting cast of all these quarterbacks.  His backfield mate was Arian Foster, with wide receivers Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins.

For the majority of Carr’s career, he had Johnson and Jabar Gaffney as his wideouts and three seasons with Domanick Williams as his running back.  Not exactly the same as what Fitz had.  But the biggest issue was the offensive line that Carr had to work behind, which was abysmal.  The team never fixed this, and it ruined Carr’s career.

Who knows if Carr could have been a solid quarterback had the team done a better job of giving him protection upfront with the offensive line.  Carr was sacked an incredible 249 times over his five-year career with the Texans, which included 76 in his rookie year.  The fact that he survived his time in Houston is a huge accomplishment.

This is my top-four Houston Texans quarterback.  Let's hope that C.J. Stroud makes this list over the next couple of years. Feel free to jump over to the Toro Times Facebook page and let me know your thoughts, good or bad. I want to hear your opinion and how you would rank the Texans' quarterbacks.

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