The secondary needs to be upgraded but running it back should be an option

The Houston Texans now have enough money to bring back several more free agents and the team should consider it.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NFL has a copycat problem. Once someone of any merit says something or does something, that becomes the norm. No matter what. Even if it's wrong or short-sighted. Remember the Wild Cat? The league isn't very original and whenever someone finds success doing something one way, everyone thinks that's the new formula to success, despite it ever being the case.

Just look at all the failed New England Patriots assistant coaches who tried to create the Patriots' Way elsewhere. It all failed. The same happens in the blogosphere, where everyone just repeats the same talking points. For the Houston Texans, it's "the team needs to upgrade the secondary!"

Now, listen; they're not wrong. They're just not right. Some people are saying that if the Texans do just one thing this offseason, it's to upgrade the secondary. Now, they're not entirely wrong, as the team needs new safeties even if last year's group was re-signed.

Still, if the team does just one thing to improve the team, it needs to be the offensive line. The offensive line wasn't great, especially against better run defenses, and if you want to see C.J. Stroud play for 15 years, you're going to want to upgrade every position aside from left tackle.

The team does need some new safeties, or to hope that M.J. Stewart is healthy and has returned to his 2021 form. What they don't need, however, are new corners. If the team opts to re-sign their free agents at the position, I'd be comfortable running that group back in 2024. After all, there isn't a long and historically successful example of a defense with two shut-down, Pro Bowl-caliber corners.

You don't need that to win, even in the current NFL. You just need a team with depth and consistency, so over-correcting for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses just doesn't make sense to us.