The loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars proves the Houston Texans need some help on defense still

Zero sacks on Trevor Lawrence was a big reason why the Houston Texans lost.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

When you don't get to the quarterback, it's hard to win games. Especially in the modern NFL. That's one of the things that the Houston Texans figured out against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Throughout the whole game, the Texans only got two shots on Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. None of which were sacks. The lack of pressure all day from the Texans front seven was a key reason why the Jaguars were so efficient.

Aside from lone pickoff, the Jaguars were able to pretty much do whatever they wanted on offense for a good chunk of the game, with Lawrence going 23-38, for 365 yards and a touchdown. The Texans weren't able to disrupt the Jaguars quarterback for most of the night and when Lawrence did make a mistake, it was usually one that fell squarely on his shoulders.

It's a clear sign that the Texans still have an issue getting after the quarterback even with the recent draft selections. The Jaguars don't have a great offensive line, as they've given up 25 sacks heading into the game against the Texans, which is good (or bad) enough for a Top 10 spot in the NFL. Granted it's not as bad as what's going on with Sam Howell, but it's still not a good situation.

So of all the teams in the NFL that you'd think the Texans could get decent pressure on, you'd think that the Jaguars would be a team that Houston could get some shots on. Yet, they didn't. The Texans need some help pass rushing still. Maybe someone like Shaquille Leonard could come in and help with that, as he has been known to get after the quarterback from time to time.

He's not Myles Garrett or Joey Bosa but he's an upgrade. The Texans have to decide what's the goal for this season, because if they want to go and try and win in the playoffs, then they have to go and get some help to bolster their front seven.

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