The Indianapolis Colts have suspended two players, but will their absence help the Houston Texans?

The Indianapolis Colts will be without two players for the rest of the season, but will it help the Houston Texans when they clash at the end of the year?
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Houston Texans just saw a major piece of news come across their and the rest of the NFL's ticker on Tuesday; Indianapolis Colts suspended two players for the rest of the season. Those two players were wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie and cornerback Tony Brown. The two men were suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

No other word for what that could mean, but that means the Colts are going to be without two of their players for the three remaining regular season games. This is huge news, and a blow for the Colts and a boon for those the Colts have to play; namely the Texans. At least, that's the initial takeaway, right?

Well, as Lee Corso tends to say; not so fast, my friends. Neither McKenzie nor Brown are or were likely to see any actual time in any game unless some serious injuries were to have occurred between now and then.

McKenzie is mostly a special team player, playing in all but one game this season, but only averaging several snaps per game at most. His season high was an 11-play outing against the New England Patriots during Week 10. On the year, he has just 11 receptions for 82 yards and no touchdowns.

And while McKenzie saw some time, Brown rarely has. He's played in just two games. His first was just one snap against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and his second game was a 50+ rep performance against the New Orleans Saints, in his only start of the season.

Neither man is particularly good, with McKenzie earning a PFF grade of 64.7 in limited action, and Brown earning a score of 26.8. Their impact on the team is nominal at best, and their absence, unfortunately for the Texans, won't truly be felt in any tangible kind of way.

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