The Houston Texans uniform redesigns are worse than bad

The Houston Texans uniform redesigns aren't bad, they're boring and that's worse.

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons
Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Houston Texans' redesign efforts may not be going their way. The jerseys got leaked early, so Cal McNair took to Reddit of all places, and released a preview of the jerseys. The preview showed Nico Collins and Tank Dell wearing the team's away jerseys in what looks like a confirmation that the leaked photo was real.

What's worse, many fans aren't happy about this. For months we heard rumors of a real bombastic design, possibly incorporating the color scheme of Houston's original team, the Oilers. While the name and logo of the Texans tops the Oilers, the color scheme is far superior, so fans were quite excited about the possibility of a more bombastic design.

And then these dropped. Fans were not happy for the most part and lambasted the design. Many are already writing them off as bad, but we'll get a better, more detailed look at the uniforms in about a month, around the draft, when the Texans formally release the entire spread for the public to see.

The problem, however, isn't anything that can tweaked or fixed. See, these aren't bad. They're fine. They're just outdated, potentially pulled from generic stock designs from a video game about 20 years old. Even worse, some fans are starting to compare these uniform designs to that of the Atlanta Falcons, and as we've seen with their recent string of uniforms, that's not a compliment.

What's worse is that above all else, and beyond any other form of criticism, these uniforms are just boring. They're unoriginal, uninteresting, and flat-out boring. John McClain, a Houston Texans reporter, pointed out that if and when the squad starts winning, fans won't be complaining as much about the uniforms, and he may have a point. The product on the field matters the most, but the thing is, fans aren't going to just go "Oh we're winning, these are great uniforms now". They'll be fine with it, as the team is winning, but the jerseys and overall uniforms will still be bland and boring.

And there's nothing worse then that.