The Houston Texans travel schedule may be the best in the NFL

The Houston Texans have a lot of traveling to do but not as much as others.
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The NFL schedule is different for all 32 teams in the NFL, but all 32 teams have to do the same things. Every team has to have at least eight away games, every team has to travel internationally at some point in a certain period of time, and every team has to play teams outside of not only their division but their conference as well. There are just things that all teams have to do, even if those teams have to do it at a different time or location than others. 

Yet, despite these things, including traveling, being something all teams have to do, some teams end up getting the short end of the stick. Teams like the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, and San Francisco 49ers, will have to change timezones 36, 34, and 28 times respectively across their travels. 

Shockingly, or not so much, the Chargers, Raiders, and 49ers have the 1st, 7th, and 5th most miles to travel this season.

That’s a lot of travel time. 

The Houston Texans have sort of lucked out comparatively. The Houston Texans on the other hand only have the 19th most miles to travel. Not only that, but the Texans have to just change time zones eight times all season. The best in the NFL. 

The next best travel team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who only have to travel 10 time zones. 

It may not seem like a great thing to brag about, but it is a huge relief to the Texans. Football is a violent sport and your body needs to recover, not just after games but after practices. It’s why NFL teams don’t practice in full pads that often, as it’s just as destructive to the body as an actual game. Being able to rest and travel in comfort are some of the best things you can do for the human body to help it recover and heal. Being able to limit the amount of travel not only means that players aren’t sitting in planes on long flights, dealing with aches and pains but it also allows players to spend more time with the trainer and their teams getting care for their issues. The Texans are not expected to have an easy schedule, so this is going to be a huge asset for the team in their quest to win a Super Bowl this season.