The Houston Texans should give M.J. Stewart a shot at cornerback in 2024

The squad could release veteran M.J. Stewart but we think he still has value.
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Houston Texans may be looking at a minor shakeup to their roster. They have a heap of free agents that they need to decide on whether or not to bring back, not to mention players still under contract who may not be back next season either due to age, their contract, or their performances as of late. Some guys fit a few of those criteria, others fit all of them.

One name we're hoping gets a shot with the Texans is defensive back M.J. Stewart. Stewart joined the Texans in 2022 after a stellar 2021 with the Cleveland Browns. Since then, he hasn't played that much, and when he has he's been decent, at best. His two-year stint so far hasn't been great and that has led many to wonder if he'll be a cap casualty this season.

For those that think he should get axed, they're not wrong. The team can save nearly $3 million ($2.7 million) if they cut him before June 1. He only played in six games this past season, and while he did have some success, he didn't have enough of an impact when he did play. He ended up missing most of the season due to a fractured shoulder, and after a dower year in 2022, it seems very possible that the team opted to cut him.

We're just hoping they don't. The team needs help at both safety and cornerback and he can play both positions. He's also not that old, not even 30 years old, and his contract isn't massive. Maybe if this was the New Orleans Saints, you'd need every dollar you could get, but the team has just shy of $70 million available to spend. An extra $2 million will only go into replacing him on the roster and the type of guy you could get for his price isn't going to be significantly better than he is.

A healthy Stewart, with a good enough lineup around him, could be a difference-maker. It's possible that age and injuries have caught up with him but we're hoping that the Texans give him a shot to prove his value to the team when fully healthy.