The Houston Texans select Blake Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

The 59th overall pick is in! A new cog for the offensive line to protect CJ Stroud.
Notre Dame v Stanford
Notre Dame v Stanford / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Day 2 is here and the Texans are making their moves! With the 42nd pick of the NFL the Houston Texans took CB Kamari Lassiter to add to our secondary. Now the time has come to talk about the 59th pick of the NFL: Offensive Tackle Blake Fisher from Notre Dame. Addressing the offensive line in the second round proves the Houston Texans are doing everything to keep QB CJ Stroud protected.

Blake Fisher is going to be a key contributor in trying to stabilize the Houston Texans offensive line, which has been mired in inconsistency for much of the last few year due to injuries and poor play outside of Leremy Tunsil. Fisher, 6'6, 310 pounds, played 1002 college snaps, allowed 6 sacks, and 19 pressures in his career. Fisher will be a instant candidate for starting right tackle just due to the injury history that Tytus Howard has faced in his NFL career and will be an instant upgrade over Charlie Heck, who filled in a lot at right tackle.

My instant reaction grade: A. CJ Stroud is the present and future of the Houston Texans, keeping him protected is an absolute must. With our AFC South rivals drafting high-end defensive players to make CJ's job harder. When you have the guy at quarterback, the next step is making sure that quarterback is protected at all costs. 

What is puzzling to me is the reaction to the pick on Twitter/X. Not every draft pick needs to be a sexy skill player or weapon. The offensive line is the key to the offense being able to function. But the fan reaction to KPRC 2 Houston's Aaron Wilson's tweet about the pick has been negative. I'm almost positive the fans remember all of the years when our quarterbacks spent a lot of time on the ground because they had tinfoil levels of protection. We want Stroud to be upright, it's a great pick. It will benefit everyone on the offense. 

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