The Houston Texans may be going too conservative with the sudden change at quarterback

The Houston Texans will be starting Case Keenum and not Davis Mills at quarterback on Sunday.
New England Patriots v Houston Texans
New England Patriots v Houston Texans / Thomas B. Shea/GettyImages

The Houston Texans are making a shocking move just about a day out of the showdown with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans matchup is proving to be as close to a much-win game as they come and the Texans are heading into the game without rookie phenom, C.J. Stroud. On Friday, news came out that two-year starter and current QB2 on the depth chart, Davis Mills, would be starting for the Texans.

That doesn't appear to be the case anymore. Click2Houston reported that Mills would be getting the start early Friday morning, but something changed during Friday's practice and now, Click2Houston is changing its tune. It's no longer Mills starting under center, but journeymen quarterback Case Keenum, the third quarterback on the depth chart.

It's a shocking change from the previous news, one we're not exactly sure makes a ton of sense. Mills and Keenum are unique to themselves. Neither man can replace the production of Stroud, but they're both good enough to get starts in the league, just for different reasons. Keenum is the definition of a game manager. Sorry, Cam Newton stans, guys like Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott don't qualify. Keenum does. All Keenum is known for his is accuracy on short routes, and his ability to avoid turnovers.

Mills, on the other hand, can sling it, but when he does, he opens himself up to turnovers at a fairly high rate. The Texans offense better suits Mills, especially if the goal is to try and stretch the field and hope for some big plays. But with Noah Brown, the last of the Houston Texans' trios of big-play receivers, dealing with an injury issue of his own, it appears as though Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans is going in a different direction.

Keenum starting appears to be a sign that the head coach may focus more on a conservative offense, one that dinks and dunks its way down the field, hoping for long drives of four or five yards per play. This may also signal a higher use than normal of the running game.

Which wouldn't be the worst idea. We still think Mills gives the Texans a better chance of winning, but we'd be remised to say that Keenum doesn't, at the very least, give the Texans a shot as well. It's all about what style the Texans want to play.

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