The Houston Texans guide to victory over the Cleveland Browns

This is how the Houston Texans can and should beat the Cleveland Browns.
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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3 Cleveland Browns to game plan for

1. Joe Flacco

The Cleveland Browns are only going to go as far as Joe Flacco can take them. If he can't move the ball, then the Browns offense is done. They don't have a great offense anymore, specifically due to the injuries and underwhelming offensive additions from this past season. If the Texans can render Flacco unable to complete passes, the Browns have no shot of scoring points.

2. Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett isn't the player that so many hype him up to be, if he's not healthy he's just not fast enough to get to the quarterback. He doesn't seem to have great skills, just great attributes, but that doesn't mean that Garrett can't get after C.J. Stroud. He can. If Garrett is feeling more like himself, then he's going to be an awful combination to try and stop but stop him they're going to have to do.

3. Amari Cooper

The biggest threat to the Texans defense is Amari Cooper and that's from the prior encounter. Double teaming has already been mentioned as the way to go for Cooper, that way whatever edge he has is limited to some degree. The rest of the Browns offensive passing attack isn't nearly as impressive as Cooper is, and so if the Texans can limit him and take him out of the game then the Browns are going to have to figure out another way to score points.