The Houston Texans guide to victory over the Cleveland Browns

This is how the Houston Texans can and should beat the Cleveland Browns.
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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What the Houston Texans need to on defense to stop the Cleveland Browns

1. Apply pressure on Joe Flacco, forcing the Browns to run the ball

Joe Flacco's story is sweet. A nearly 40-year-old quarterback has come off the couch and helped the Browns find some offense. The problem is that he's basically the only offense the Browns have right now. He, Amari Cooper, and David Njoku. That's really it. The running game is nearly non-existent and the Browns are surviving on Flaccos' ability to find open targets. Getting pressure on him and making him move will be a huge key to disrupting the Browns' only real way to move the ball.

2. Double up on Amari Cooper

While you'll have to key on Cooper and Njoku, after that, the Browns don't have any real threats offensively. Guys like Blake Cashman can handle Njoku, but you're going to need to double up on Amari Cooper, to help prevent him from doing what he did before. He put up 265 yards against the Texans last time the two teams played, and the Texans can't afford for that to happen again. Double-teaming Cooper makes the most sense, especially realizing that Elijah Moore is their third-best receiver.

3. Rotate defensive ends in and out of the lineup, while moving Will Anderson Jr. around the field

Playing Will Anderson at various positions to better get after Joe Flacco just makes sense. This allows the Texans the ability to have Anderson, Jonathan Greenard, and Derek Barnett on the field at once. That being said, should Anderson not play at multiple positions, rotating a fresh guy in for every position makes sense too. You can start with Anderson and Greenard, then on the next play have Anderson and Barnett, and then Barnett and Greenard. And keep that rotation going so that the Browns offensive line never gets a break.