The Houston Texans guide to victory over the Cleveland Browns

This is how the Houston Texans can and should beat the Cleveland Browns.
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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3 things the Houston Texans need to do on offense to win

1. Establish a balance on offense

The Cleveland Browns defense is stout but they aren't an all-time unit. With injuries to Denzel Ward and Myles Garrett being inconsistent down the stretch, the Houston Texans have a very realistic shot of beating the Browns, but they have to establish Devin Singletary early, while also using the play-action pass to keep the Browns defense on their toes. Over-relying on the passing game will only cause things to fall apart.

2. Get Noah Brown open downfield

The Cleveland Browns' secondary is ravaged by injuries, and with Noah Brown being arguably the team's best deep-threat option, if anyone was going to cause problems for the Browns' secondary, it's likely to be Brown. If the Texans can scheme ways to get him open downfield, then the Texans may force the Browns to play from behind earlier and for longer than they would hope for.

3. Roll C.J. Stroud into pockets towards Myles Garrett

Laremy Tunsil is going to have his hands full with Garrett. While Garrett isn't exactly at his best, he can always have a game where that changes. A problem with Garrett is how he likes to beat tackles around the edge, allowing quarterbacks to step into the pocket he leaves open for them. Having C.J. Stroud roll instinctually to where Garrett was, while Tunsil rides him like a bucking bronco around the back of the offense, will give Stroud a few extra moments to find someone open.