The Houston Texans can instantly turn their defense around with this trade

Houston Texans
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Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans are in year two of a rebuild, does a flashy trade like this make sense right now?

Despite Williams having played in the league for four seasons, he is still relatively young at only 25 years old. If the Texans were to trade for and extend him to a long-term contract, he could reasonably be here for half a decade and still be in his prime. So, the Texans' defense, which is currently compromised of mainly first and second-year building blocks, could grow with Williams. 

Williams is also a good locker room fit for the Texans. DeMeco Ryans talks a lot about having hard-working players who love football and have an edge about them. Check, check, and check for Williams. After the 2022 season, his peers on the team named him the “team MVP”, showing their sign of respect and admiration for who he is and how he handles his business.

Teams in the early stages of a rebuild do not typically spend draft capital to go after veteran stars. That being said, teams in rebuilds do not typically have players of Williams' caliber and position of need become available. Williams would be a slam-dunk trade acquisition and could be worth sending a first-round selection.