The Houston Texans can instantly turn their defense around with this trade

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Williams fits like a glove in DeMeco Ryans’ defense. 

If Robert Salah could get the best out of the former Crimson Tide star during his two years with him, then it is more than reasonable to assume that we can expect similar results in a similar system that we expect Ryans to run. The 49ers' defense often relied upon pressuring the quarterback from the inside out. Yes, Nick Bosa was the defensive player of the year, but his speed and bend were able to shine because the offensive line was having fits with the interior of the 49ers' defensive line. Great defensive coordinators know the quickest way to the quarterback is straight up the middle and have caused even the greatest quarterbacks to have bad games due to this type of pressure. 

The Texans' defense was 19th in the league in sacks last season at 39, but with a slight jump up to 45 sacks, they would’ve ranked in the top 12. Adding Williams and the draft edition of Will Anderson Jr. gives the Texans' pass rush two bonafide stars on the line. 

While the Texans were below average at getting after the quarterback, they were historically atrocious at stopping the run. While a good portion of that has to do with their league-worst tackle rate, there is plenty of blame to go toward the entire defense. The Jets' defense, which featured Rankins and Williams, ranked sixth in overall run defense, per PFF.

Adding a star like Williams completely transforms the flexibility Ryans can have with his defense. Imagine being a guard/tackle combining to try and stop a Williams-Anderson stunt on third downs? No shot. Williams would come in as the second-best interior lineman in all of football and bring with him an attitude and respect that this Texans defense so desperately needs.