The Houston Texans appear to have high hope for Blake Fisher

The Houston Texans have high hopes for Blake Fisher.
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The Houston Texans are not playing around with how they view Blake Fisher. The second-round pick is seen as a versatile offensive lineman who can play inside or out, and will likely fight for playing time this year. Considering the offensive line needs a load of work and significant improvement to the quality of play, Fisher may be a key asset to the team heading into the 2024 season.

The club knows they need help on the offensive line, and he may end up being everything the team hoped for. This is likely why the team rolled out a huge contract for the late-second-round pick. According to Ian Rapoport, the Texans made Fisher the first player, taken 27th in the 2nd round, the first player to have guaranteed money in year three.

He's also the last of the Texans' rookie players to come to terms on a deal after being drafted.

While giving him guaranteed money late into his contract could be seen as a desperate move by the franchise to get him under contract before we get too close to the start of the season, I don't think it's that. I think it's far more likely that they're highly impressed by Fisher and his abilities on the offensive line.

He has the size, a good first step, and the ability to grasp a complicated playbook considering where he went to college (Notre Dame). So why wouldn't the Texans be willing to fork up some extra money to get Fischer into camp on time?

For various reasons, the Texans saw poor play across the offensive line in 2023. A large portion of that poor play impacted the running game most of all. That said, the bad offensive line contributed to C.J. Stroud getting sacked the 11th most times in the NFL.

If the Texans can cut down on the 47 sacks allowed, and see an improvement over the running game just by putting Fisher into the starting lineup at tackle or guard, why not do it? It's not a lock that Fisher will see himself become a starter, he has to earn it. Though, he does provide a lot of hope for the team to be better at the point of attack in 2024.

Which is the only thing the Texans offense truly needs to improve from year to year.