The Houston Texans alternate helmet is great but there is one bed better

The Houston Texans have some unique and fantastic jersey and helmet designs this season but one still takes the cake.
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Houston Texans made some bold choices this offseason, going with some unique uniforms and helmet designs that seriously caught the attention of the NFL world. Many fans flocked to the Texans' social media posts to revel in the stellar designs of their new uniforms and alternate logos. The colors, the designs, the style choices, all of it was embraced wholeheartedly.

Even the alternate helmets, which they have two of, scored points. There's the standard navy blue, the red Toros logo, and then the H-Town blue, all of which are fantastic. So good that they may have the best alternate helmets in all of the NFL. It's why the folks at the NFL on Prime Video asked which alternate helmets were the best in the NFL.

Now, we're going to ignore the fact that they got the Texans and possibly the Eagles' alternate helmets wrong, but their question did get us thinking about if the Texans have a rival this season. The red helmets, with the Toros horn, and the blue H-town helmets are fantastic. Yet, while they're some of my favorites ever, there's one that just takes the cake.

The black and white striped helmets that the Cincinnati Bengals wear are second to none. While the Toros and H-Town helmets are a testament to modern creativity and ingenuity, the black and white striped Bengals helmet just captures an essence that can't be ignored.

It's understated, classic and sleek. It's stylized in a way that makes it stand out in any era, be it the first one, the current one, or one deep into the future. To get something to pop so subtly is very hard to do. While there's something to be said about the bombastic nature of the Texan's new helmets, there's also something to be said about an understated helmet that can hold its own against more bombastic designs

The Toros and H-Town are two of the best new designs ever, the Bengals' white and black stripe design is just as smidge better.