The highest and lowest-rated Houston Texans players so far in the playoffs

What Houston Texans are riding high and which ones need to improve?
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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The Highest-Rated Defensive Players

LB Christian Harris - 91.0

To see Christian Harris have the day he had is impressive. After a terrible rookie year, year number two wasn't looking so hot, but he really turned things on down the stretch, especially after Blake Cashman was out for a few weeks. Now, Harris seems to have found a real touch for the game and that may help the Texans topple the Ravens.

CB Desmond King II - 85.3

The Ravens aren't great at throwing the ball, but they're better than in years past, thankfully the Texans have two dynamic cornerbacks who can take away chunks of the field at any given time. Desmond King II was the highest-rated corner on Saturday, and considering what the Browns did to the Texans the first time, seeing King step up and hand the Browns their own butt was very impressive to see.

CB Derek Stingley - 80.2

Derek Stingley really is starting to claw back at the critics. He's easily become one of the best cornerbacks in the AFC this year and he was a huge reason why Amari Cooper went from franchise record-setter to, well, out of the playoffs. The Texans are going to need Stingley to be on his best game come Saturday, otherwise this postseason run may be short.