The brother of a current All-Pro could be a surprise asset for the Houston Texans

We love player versatility, which is why we love Luke McCaffrey.
NFL Combine
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We're a fan of player diversity. If you can play multiple positions, we're going to want you on the Houston Texans. It's one of the big reasons why we're so intrigued by Javan Moran of Florida A&M. He's a multi-positional defensive back, who can play both safety spots and anywhere you could need a corner. Well, we found the offensive version of Morgan in Luke McCaffrey.

That last name may sound familiar, as McCaffrey is the younger brother of NFL All-Pro Christian McCaffrey. Luke, unlike Christian, is not viewed as a top prospect but that doesn't mean the younger McCaffrey isn't capable of being a good NFL player.

Luke, like his brother, has shown an ability to both run and catch the ball. Part of that comes from the fact that he was a quarterback in his first few seasons at Nebraska, which would help McCaffrey's chances of making an NFL roster, as not only can he rush the ball and catch it, but he can fill in as an emergency quarterback in extreme circumstances.

The Houston Texans are interested in the younger McCaffrey, who went to Rice. Rice University is just 2.4 miles from the Houston Texans NRG Stadium, so it makes sense that there'd be some interest in the local prospect. And make no mistake, he's a prospect. While he's verstaile, he is also athletic and large, making a nice combination for any team.

He's 6'2 and 200lbs while being able to run a 4.47 40-yard dash time, a time that is faster than that of his All-Pro brother. That speed has led many to think he could in fact turn into a solid wide receiver. After all, he showed off those receiving skills pretty well in his final two years at Rice. He had over 1,700 yards receiving while recording 19 touchdowns, which is pretty impressive considering he didn't have the greatest quarterback play, and that he transitioned to the position after his first year at Rice.

McCaffrey is a fifth-round prospect in the eyes of many, and that means if the Texans really want him they're going to have to get lucky or take him ahead of others. Houston doesn't have a fifth-round pick, so they'd either have to hope he's still there in the sixth, or possibly reach for him in the fourth. He may be worth it, especially when you're talking about taking a flyer out on a guy that late in the draft.

McCaffrey makes sense for the Texans, even with the recent acquisition of Stefon Diggs, as the team needs depth, speed and versatility on the roster regardless of Digg's arrival.