The best and worst players from the Houston Texans win over the Tennessee Titans

We're looking at the three best and three worst from both the offense and defense, as told by Pro Football Focus.
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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3 Worst on Defense

Kurt Hinish - 57.9

Kurt Hinish didn't have a good game, but he also didn't have a bad game. Sadly for Hinish, he's just the fifth-worst player on the list, and that's really just by how good everyone else around him was. A 57.9 is a pretty respectable, if average score, and it's nothing to shake a stick at. Sadly, despite being a solid defensive tackle for the Texans, Hinish took some major dings for his tackling on Sunday, earning a PFF score of just 23.1. It's no surprise that not only is he one of the least impressive players from Sunday but one of the names the Texans are least likely to have back next season.

Sheldon Rankins - 51.9

Another bad tackler on the defensive line pops up on the list, this time it's Sheldon Rankins. He's not been a great tackler all season, much like Hinish, but unlike Hinish, Rankins is a bit better week to week. His best game came against the Cincinnati Bengals, pulling in a PFF score of 93.8, but he was far from that efficient on Sunday. Rankins isn't a great player but he's certainly capable of playing better than this.

Khalil Davis - 51.7

Technically Khalil Davis is only the third-worst player from the game on Sunday, but as Myjal Sanders and Jimmie Ward both came under the 15-snap minimum, Davis is sadly the lowest-rated player that we're counting. The defensive tackle played just 17 snaps and looked bad in just about all of them. Especially when it comes to tackling. This seems to be the defensive lines' Achilles heel and a big reason why the team seems to struggle so mightily against other offenses.

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