The best and worst players from the Houston Texans win over the Tennessee Titans

We're looking at the three best and three worst from both the offense and defense, as told by Pro Football Focus.
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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3 Worst on Offense

Andrew Beck - 53.0

Say what you will about Andrew Beck, but he didn't have the best day blocking, at least according to PFF. A usually reliable pass blocker for the Texans, Beck didn't really have a good game stopping anyone from getting past him. Granted, Case Keenum is far slower than C.J. Stroud, but still, Beck didn't do a great job holding his blocks according to Pro Football Focus. Hopefully that changes against the Cleveland Browns, as the Texans will need every extra second they can get.

Xavier Hutchinson - 50.9

Beck just made the cut with 16 plays on the day, so a worse score is fair considering he didn't have as many opportunities to impress. Xavier Hutchinson can't say the same thing. Targeted just three times and catching zero passes, you'd think that Hutchinson didn't see a lot of action. On the contrary, Hutchinson played 65 snaps and didn't make a single moment of noticeable impact. A truly horrid day for Hutchinson.

Case Keenum - 43.8

Shockingly, or not so much, Case Keenum took the crown as the worst offensive player on the day. A potentially chilly foreshadowing of what's to come against the Cleveland Browns. Keenum was bad nearly all day long. He missed targets, overthrew guys, and threw an interception so mind-boggling bad, that we're surprised he wasn't yanked at the exact moment by DeMeco Ryans. His grade against the Titans is well-earned and we're hoping that the Texans wise up and opt to start Davis Mills against the Browns instead of staying with the former University of Houston alum.