Do the Texans have one of the NFL's top-5 backs in Dameon Pierce

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Houston Texans
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The injury woes.

Pierce was never fully healthy during his rookie season despite all his greatness. He had a lingering ankle injury during the middle chunk of the season and eventually injured it enough in a week 14 matchup against the in-state rival Dallas Cowboys. 

Some question if Pierce's violent style of play will lead to future injuries, but this was only the second time Pierce has ever had to miss a week due to injury. He missed one week due to a head injury in college. 

I understand the fears with his play style and history. Still, the Texans brought in Singletary and revamped their offensive line, leading to a lower workload and a more controlled running environment for Pierce to pick his contact. Texans' fans should be excited to have 31 back healthy at the start of the season, ready to lead an improved Texans' offense hoping to make some noise this season.