Texans listed as Top 4 landing spot for a former All-Pro free agent

Make it Top 1 and we'll be all ears.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

At this point in the NFL calendar, everyone's really focused on one free agent. There are plenty of other interesting team fits still out there, but really we're all just waiting for a decision from Justin Simmons. Simmons was an All-Pro safety for the Broncos only a few years ago, and more than likely still has a couple great – or good, at least – seasons left in the tank. And since he'll presumably want to finish his career with a Super Bowl contender, the list of teams fighting for his services isn't actually that long.

But if you believe Albert Breer, the Texans are on that list! In his latest mailbag, Breer fields a question about where Simmons could land, and Houston finds a way to sneak into his answer.

Texans listed as Top 4 landing spot for a former All-Pro free agent

I love the idea of Justin Simmons in either the Vic Fangio–style of defense he’s played in for the Broncos since 2019, or in a Seattle Seahawks–type of defense. That’s why I’d reallyloveto see him as the center fielder in the Niners’ defense—which has historically played the Seattle three scheme, and also just brought aboard Brandon Staley (whom Simmons knows well) from the Fangio tree. Houston would be another fun fit for Simmons, for some of the same reasons.

There they are! In one very short sentence at the bottom. But that's good enough for me! I don't need to hear any more about Vic Fangio or cover 3 or Brandon Staley (??), I'm convinced Justin Simmons is coming to the Texans. It would be a fun fit, Albert. And it's not like the current safety depth chart in Houston is blocking Simmons from a starting gig, either. Come to Houston, Justin Simmons. Don't think about it too much – Albert says it'd be fun, and I agree. And "it'd be fun" is really the only excuse you need.