Texans fans will love Josh Allen's reaction to Stefon Diggs trade

Diggs was traded to the Texans earlier this month.
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Houston Texans swung for the fences at the beginning of April, trading for Stefon Diggs and only giving up a 2025 second-round pick to land the star wide receiver. Diggs is coming off a 2023 season where he had 1,183 receiving yards and eight touchdowns in 17 starts.

Adding Diggs to the Texans offense gives C.J. Stroud another major weapon to throw to and with the rookie year he had in 2023, that should terrify the rest of the league. While Stroud gained a new weapon, Bills quarterback Josh Allen lost his best receiving option. The Bills signal-caller spoke about the trade recently and said that the trade was hard on him.

Allen noted that while there were rumors that Diggs was unhappy with everything during his time in Buffalo, it was a hard hit to the organization.

"It's definitely hard to part ways with a guy that's been very instrumental in our success here over the last four years."

Texans should be excited by Josh Allen's words on Diggs trade

This should come as welcomed news for Texans fans because the storylines surrounding Diggs are always about how he stirs up drama. While there is certainly some truth to that, Allen said that Diggs meant a lot to him and the Bills organization despite those rumors.

Hopefully, Diggs is happy in Houston and we never hear rumors implying otherwise. Even if there is some drama, however, clearly Diggs can still make a major impact on both the players and the team so let's hope he can do this for the Texans.