Texans 7-Round NFL Mock Draft: Houston commits risky, cardinal sin

Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks
Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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In the sixth round, the Texans take their chances on a defensive lineman out of Georgia, which is usually a solid idea. Zion Logue doesn't have anything particularly outstanding that sticks out about his game, but coming from the Georgia defense is all you need to know. He's a big body at 6-foot-6, 314 pounds and packs good play strength into his upper body. He'll need to refine technique and find more creative ways to beat his man at the pro level, though.

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Finally, the Texans take their third defensive lineman of the draft here in the seventh round. Illinois' Keith Randolph Jr. is a little smaller than Logue, but the one thing you can say about Randolph is the fact that he puts in the effort where it counts. He's consistently winning as the lower man, which is important for someone who might be viewed as undersized.

Randolph rounds out one heck of a defensive line group in Houston, featuring plenty of youth.