Texans 7-Round NFL Mock Draft: Houston commits risky, cardinal sin

Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks
Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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3. 2192. . . Malachi Corley. Malachi Corley. Malachi Corley. WR. . player

In the third round, the Texans get one of the most exciting players in this entire draft. Western Kentucky wide receiver Malachi Corley might be the very best at his position when it comes to gaining yards after the catch, and it isn't particularly close. He takes that part of his game very seriously.

If you spend some time watching his film, Corley is never taken down by the first would-be tackler. And, I mean never. The only time I've seen him brought down on the first attempt is if there's a defensive back all over him and the catch is contested, where he ends up on the ground after the catch.

But, if he catches the ball on his feet, and especially in stride, good luck. He isn't going down easily. The guy is a pure chain mover. Adding someone like that to a core featuring Tank Dell, who is also exciting after the catch, could be lethal for this offense. Stroud just got himself a new best friend; someone who will do all the heavy lifting for his quarterback.