Taking a look at the 2 worst contracts in Houston Texans' history

Since the Texans have given out a lot of money over the years, you will get some bad contracts.
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Quarterback Brock Osweiler

After the 2015 season with the Denver Broncos, and Peyton Manning’s backup, the Texans signed Osweiler to a four-year/$72M deal in 2016, and it’s one of the largest in team history. The Texans signed Osweiler after starting seven out of eight games he played in the previous year and showed flashes of a possible starting quarterback. However, the Texans jumped the gun and signed him too early. 

In his only season in Houston, Osweiler totaled 2,957 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. After just one season with the team, the Texans bit the bullet on his contract and traded him to the Cleveland Browns. Osweiler would later play for the Broncos again before ending his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2018. 

This contract will go down in history as another Rick Smith failed contract, and leaves Texans fans wondering what could’ve been if they went in another direction. Much like the 2013 roster, Houston’s 2016 team was very solid and could have competed for a playoff spot if they spent their money elsewhere. The question remains. What could Brock Osweiler have turned out to be if he never signed with the Texans, and remained with the Denver Broncos for one more year?