Taking a look at the 2 worst contracts in Houston Texans' history

Since the Texans have given out a lot of money over the years, you will get some bad contracts.
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Safety Ed Reed

The Texans signed the Hall Of Fame safety to a three-year/$15 M deal in 2013. At the time, Reed was 35 years old and finally showing signs of slowing down, making the contract an odd one from the beginning. However as the season went on, the contract began to look much worse than originally. 

Reed would only play in seven games with the team, totaling 16 tackles and zero interceptions before being released in November. And not too long ago, Reed spoke on his Texans tenure on Morten Anderson’s podcast. He said "I thought we would at least compete," Reed said. "Man, we were terrible. I mean, terrible. There were terrible people in that organization."

Ed Reed was the Texans general manager at the time, Rick Smith’s prized acquisition in free agency. And Reed was right when he said they were only a few pieces away from competing. However, Rick Smith and head coach Gary Kubiak couldn’t run a functioning team. 

Reed later signed with the New York Jets where he finished out the remainder of the season. Reed may be a Hall Of Famer, however, his Texans career was anything but Hall of Fame worthy. The Texans had bet on a 35-year-old Ed Reed to help get them to the playoffs. However, they let their poor front office management, along with Ed Reed not finishing a full season, get in the way of what could’ve been a good team.