Super Bowl odds are in the Houston Texans favor but are they a Super Bowl contender just yet?

Are the Houston Texans a Super Bowl favorite this season?
2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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The Houston Texans have made some wild moves this offseason. They've reworked the contracts of some major names, while also replacing a bulk of the roster from last season. It's too early to say if the moves they made will make them better, but I have my doubts in some areas. That said, they did land a major impact player in Danielle Hunter, and with the likes of Tank Dell getting healthy, this is a team that still has plenty of talent on it, even if we aren't in love with all the free agent signings.

The NFL Draft is right around the corner and the team is hoping to fill some holes with their two picks in the second round. The idea is that they'll land guys who can start right away, a noble plan but not every pick works out. So they'll need to hope that they hit as often this year as they did last year.

Last year they landed three major names in the draft, which is unlikely to happen this year, but if they land even one starter and rotational guy, that'd be a lot of help for the squad. Assuming they do land the type of players in the draft that can help them win now, this will be a nice team.

But will it be a Super Bowl team? Some odd makers are already putting the Houston Texans as high as ninth on some boards. Considering the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals are ahead of them and the Green Bay Packers are right behind them, maybe it's not the best thing to be in the preseason Top 10.

The Texans, just like all 32 NFL Teams, are all Super Bowl contenders in April. The real question is going to come in the waning months of the year. It's fine to be a Top 10 contender in April, but if they're not the Top 8 or so come the start of 2025, it really doesn't matter where they were ranked in April.

The Texans can be a Super Bowl contender if C.J. Stroud remains healthy, the offense takes a step forward, and the defensive replacements that the squad brought in turn into the type of players the team needs to win. If not, then no, they won't be Super Bowl contenders for real.