Stefon Diggs hasn't been at OTA's and there's some reason to be concerned about that

Stefon Diggs is nowhere near the team right now and some are thinking it's a return to form for the often disgruntled wide receiver.
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The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" - Arrivals / Taylor Hill/GettyImages

We know Stefon Diggs doesn't mind traveling, the Houston Texans wide receiver was a guest at the 2024 Met Gala recently. So clearly, the issue isn't leaving his house, it's where he's leaving his house to go that could be a problem. Diggs seems to be down to go anywhere but Houston at the moment. The Texans are in Houston right now practicing and Diggs is nowhere to be seen.

While he's not the only high-profile player to skip the voluntary workouts, the other player is Laremy Tunsil, who has more than earned his right to rest after a long season. Especially with the fact that this is a mandatory set of practices. So Tunsil seems well within his right to not attend these voluntary practices. Not only that, but Tunsil, unlike Diggs, knows the system. He knows what to do. He can afford to rest his body a while longer before returning to the team.

Diggs doesn't have that same grace afforded to him. Diggs is a top talent, no denying that, but he's also on a new team, with new teammates, a new playbook, and notably a new quarterback. Every opportunity Diggs has to get to know his teammates, his quarterback, and the playbook are opportunites he can't afford to miss.

Especially with his reputation as a malcontent since his days in Minnesota and then in Buffalo, which have followed him since the trade. Diggs is a great player, but he has a history of skipping voluntary practices. Whatever the reasons were for that in Buffalo, doesn't seem to transfer to Houston. So his skipping of the workouts doesn't make a lot of sense, considering how much work he has to do.

The workouts are voluntary, yes, but Diggs needs time to get acclimated with the team and his absence is not going to help the team get better.

Diggs doesn't have the goodwill or the reputation that Tunsil has to afford to skip out on valuable practice time. Especially since he's a new player. If he were like Tunsil, with years on the team, a solid work ethic, and a similar reliability, then maybe Diggs would get the benefit of the doubt but that doesn't appear to be the case currently.