Stefon Diggs breaks the internet, but thankfully no bones in new viral video

The Houston Texans prize new player nearly ended his season before it began.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

A lot of possibilities came to Houston when the Texans traded for embattled Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs, needing a fresh start, came to the Texans willingly, hoping to improve his stat line with up-and-coming star quarterback, C.J. Stroud. Houston saw an opportunity here as well. Stroud, a dynamic player, would pair well with the receiver room the Texans already have, and hopefully, help Stroud take the next logical step in his development.

It's a win-win scenario. There are concerns, however. Diggs has a history of being hard to deal with. He's also starting to show signs of wear and tear, with declining stats. That's not all, as one way or another, Diggs will likely be a one-year rental. If he plays well, he'll likely price his way out of Texas and if he doesn't, he'll likely ask for too much money to justify his level of production.

So there are concerns that abound. One concern the Texans didn't think about, however, was Diggs nearly ending his season thanks to a Pilates mishap. Diggs, along with some other athletes, were taking part in a Pilates workout. As this type of exercise is designed to build muscle, increase flexibility, and improve joint alignment, it's a great idea for any athlete to take part in. Especially football players, as it's designed to take stress off the joints.

That's assuming you can hang on, however. Diggs, in a now-viral video circulating the internet, fell off of a Pilates workout machine earlier today, leaving the entire room in stitches. Thankfully, however, none of the people involved, Diggs included, needed stitches.

While the video is giggle-worthy, it's also important to note how easy it is for guys to get hurt working out. Some of the Texans' very own players missed significant time in years past due to injuries while working out and conditioning.

While these are things athletes have to do to keep themselves in tip-top shape, there comes a risk with them that we often don't respect enough. Thankfully, Diggs appears fine after the incident, but one bad move falls, and the Texans may lose Diggs for a long period. So let's be thankful that he's not seriously hurt.

Other than a bruised ego.