Stefon Diggs addresses the Bills for hopefully the last time in press conference with Texans

Time to move on.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Houston Texans fans got to hear from Stefon Diggs for the first time as a member of the defending AFC South champions. While it's still surreal that one of the best wide receivers in the league is a member of the red hot Texans, it was a little unsettling to hear him talk about his former team as much as he did.

While he didn't trash the Bills, as many thought he might, it felt like the majority of his press conference was about his former team and not the team that traded for him. Of course, Diggs was asked questions about his previous team but it'd have been nice if he maybe went the route of "The Bills are in the past and I'm ready to move forward with my new team"

That being said, Diggs did spend four years with the Bills and saw a ton of success there. It's not shocking that the media wants to hear his thoughts about the trade and if he has any ill will toward his old team. Now that he's spoken about it, we'll hopefully not have to hear about the Bills in any of Diggs' future press conferences.

Hopefully we've heard the end of Stefon Diggs talking about the Bills

The Texans traded for Diggs hoping that he'd be the missing piece to help get them to a Super Bowl. Houston hasn't made it to a Super Bowl since the Texans entered the league in 2002 and while they've had some teams that fans have been optimistic about, they haven't even been to an AFC Championship Game.

The hope is that with Diggs on board, C.J. Stroud can take an even bigger step in his sophomore season and that the Texans can prove they're indeed worth the hype they've been receiving.

Let's cross our fingers that the 2024 season is one to remember for Texans fans.