Spoiling the obvious, Hannah McNair reveals why the Houston Texans made the moves they did

The Houston Texans made a lot of big moves this offseason, but why?
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have made three very big additions this offseason to bolster the team. They signed defensive end Danielle Hunter away from the Minnesota Vikings with the goal of not only replacing former defensive end Jonathan Greenard but giving the team an all-around better player opposite of Will Anderson. Then they made a trade for the Cincinnati Bengals' now-former running back Joe Mixon to replace Devin Singletary, who left for the New York Giants. Lastly, they traded with the Buffalo Bills to acquire Stefon Diggs, the disgruntled wide receiver.

These are arguably the three biggest moves the team made this year, and in doing so, spent a lot of money on new players to hopefully upgrade the team. In the spoiler of spoilers, when speaking to KPRC2's Randy McIlvoy, alongside her husband Cal, Hannah McNair revealed that the point of all this spending and trading was to win now.


The moves were obvious. The trades reeked of a win-now approach for the Houston Texans. The only question that lingers about most of the offseason acquisitions will be if they actually upgraded the positions. Greenard took Hunter's place in Minnesota and seemingly took Blake Cashman with him. Singletary had a better season than Mixon, making the Mixon trade look more desperate than anything.

The Hunter signing is everything we'd hope he'd be, but the Diggs move isn't as certain. We're not sure if Diggs is going to fit in with the Texans. He burned out his welcome in two different cities and it's likely he does the same thing in Houston, which may be part of the reason why the Texans voided the final three years of his contract.

They many not want to keep such a headache, assuming the headache returns, this time in Houston.

The hope is that all these moves, among others, help the Texans but really, anything can happen. The team turned over a huge portion of their roster between seasons, almost needlessly, so the 2024 Texans may have a wildly different outcome than the 2023 season.

Whether it's for the better or not is anyone's guess, but if it's for the worse, then the "win now" moves are going to hinder the Texans for a while.