Shaquille Leonard left Dallas without a contract but is Houston even interested?

Are the Houston Texans even interested in Shaquille Leonard?
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

After the Indianapolis Colts released Shaquille Leonard, not many people thought the former All-Pro linebacker would still be a free agent, but after a week and some change, he is. The world of the NFL is still heavily recruiting him, trying to curry his interest and some teams are even getting visits. The Dallas Cowboys had Leonard in this week, and the Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be interested as well.

It seems like Leonard could be off the market sooner rather than later but the fact that Leonard still doesn't have a deal is a bit surprising, especially with the fact that the Colts ate a lot of his contract. It remains to be seen how his monetary wants are affecting his ability to land another gig but you'd think a player who wasn't bad at all this year wouldn't have this much of a struggle finding a new home.

The surprising thing is that a team like the Houston Texans would be perfect for Leonard, but there doesn't appear to be interest from one side or the other. The Texans are trying to bolster their defense and have attempted to do so this season by adding cornerback Desmond King II and former Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett. The hope is that these two will help the secondary and pass rush get better.

But what they also need is a stud at linebacker. We've seen Blake Cashman crush it this year as the team's SAM linebacker, but right now he's the only guy at his position making constant plays. The team needs help, especially with how poorly rookie Henry To'oTo'o has played this year. They need a guy like Leonard badly, but he doesn't appear to want to come to Houston.

Or the Texans don't want to cut someone to make room, but either way if either party were interested in the other, a deal would've likely happened by now.

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