Ranking the Texans huge offseason additions from best to even better

Being offseason champion has never gone wrong.
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2. Even Better

Re-signing Dalton Schultz

Granted, this move looked a little more important before the events of last week, but bringing Schultz back, especially on the deal that they did, was a no-brainer. He doesn't miss much time – he's played in at least 15 games in each season since his rookie year in 2018 – and is consistently somewhere between 600 and 800 receiving yards. He's not much of a blocking tight end, but he give the Texans' passing offense a serious mismatch option, and clearly has a good connection with CJ Stroud. Re-signing him made plenty of sense for 2024's season, but also, surrounding your franchise QB with reliable offensive skill players that they already have a good relationship never hurts once it's time to start conversations about the big extension.

Trading for Joe Mixon

Mixon's was consistently productive during his seven-year tenure in Cincinnati – in four of those seasons, he finished with over 1000 rushing yards and he's appeared in at least 14 games in all but one season. After struggling with it early in his career, he's turned into a decent pass-catching back recently: in the past two seasons alone, he has almost 1000 receiving yards, over 100 receptions, and five touchdowns. Running back depth isn't something the Texans have a ton of right now, so expect a lot of touches for Mixon.