Ranking the Houston Texans 5 wide receivers

The Houston Texans have a deep receiver corps but who is the true number one?
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1. Nico Collins

I'm not sure if Nico Collins is a real number-one receiver or if he's even better than Tank Dell, but right now I trust him more than Stefon Diggs or Tank Dell. Dell's coming off of a broken leg and Diggs may be on the decline with a history of getting into arguments with teammates and coaches. We're not sure what either man can be, let alone Collins.

Yet, Collins may have just needed a quarterback to unlock his potential. As soon as C.J. Stroud arrived in Houston, Collins looked like a top-flight receiver. He nearly tripled his yards output from the year prior (481 to 1,297), and outproduced his first two seasons combined. He became a big-time player for the Texans, helping add eight touchdowns to Stroud's marvelous rookie season.

Still, it'd be fair to say that Collins' one-year outburst isn't enough to make him a true number one. He needs to prove that he can be this consistent year in and year out. That said, I have more faith in Collins showing his worth in year four than I do Diggs turning back the clock or Dell coming out of the shoot without needing time to reacclimate.

Dell's injury will take some time for him to come back from, and that gives Collins a chance to really show his value.