Ranking the Houston Texans 5 wide receivers

The Houston Texans have a deep receiver corps but who is the true number one?
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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4. Noah Brown

Noah Brown came off a huge season with the Dallas Cowboys where he had 555 yards, three touchdowns, and a reception average of nearly 13 yards per catch. He played in 16 games, started 13, and had 74 targets. He showed a lot of promise but the Cowboys didn't want to retain him, so he went a bit southeast to Houston. With the Texans, he didn't play as much but he was far more impactful.

He played just 10 games for a variety of reasons, but he started seven of those games and was targeted 55 times on the season, the second most of his career. He would set a new career high in yards for a season with 567 and had a team-high yards per reception at 17.2. He was C.J. Stroud's best deep threat for a majority of the season and his impact was felt often.

He'll likely get some reps this season, as it's unlikely that Stefon Diggs, Tank Dell, and Nico Collins play all 17 games each. Brown will need to be ready to go should any of the top three guys slip out of the gate or get hurt. It's likely why the Texans retained him, that and Dell is coming off of a major injury, so having him on hand in case Dell can't go right away is smart.