Ranking Texans last 10 first-round draft picks

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NFL Draft season is upon us so why not look back at the last 10 Houston Texans first-round draft picks and rank them from worst to first? This means that the picks included in this post will range from the 2013 NFL Draft and the 2023 NFL Draft, so every first-round pick from DeAndre Hopkins to Will Anderson Jr. is fair game to be ranked here.

10. Kevin Johnson (Drafted 16th overall in 2015)

Kevin Johnson was one of the best cornerbacks in the 2015 NFL Draft so it wasn't a shock when the Houston Texans spent their first-round pick on the Wake Forest product. He had been a three-year starter at Wake Forest so Texans fans were expecting him to be a more important piece of the secondary during his NFL tenure.

Unfortunately, Johnson did not live up to his first-round label. He played in every game during his rookie year but only appeared in 19 games during the final three years of his Texans career. He tried to salvage his pro career with short stints with the Bills and Browns but was out of the league following the 2020 season.

9. Kenyon Green (15th overall in 2022)

The Texans had two first-round picks in 2022 and the second pick was Kenyon Green, an offensive lineman out of Texas A&M. He started 14 games his rookie year and finished the season with a PFF grade of 37.7, which isn't ideal. He played 823 snaps at left guard that year and allowed four sacks while getting 12 penalties.

Green missed the entire 2023 season due to a shoulder injury so Texans fans haven't gotten to see him outside of his weak rookie season but hopefully, there's time for him to turn things around. His NFL journey isn't over yet.