Ranking the Houston Texans QBs in the AFC South in 2023

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Regardless of your opinion of Tannehill, the Titans' backup situation might be one of the worst in the league, right there with the Jaguars.  Tannehill is a middle-of-pack starting quarterback and while that was sufficient enough to make the Titans a playoff contender with Derrick Henry carrying the team, he’s not a Super Bowl-contending quarterback, nor is he capable of carrying a team consistently.

Over the last couple of seasons, Tannehill has 29 starts and only 34 touchdowns, with 20 interceptions.  His career numbers aren’t terrible though, having tossed 212 touchdowns and 108 interceptions.  He has a career completion rate of 64.3 percent, so you could do a lot worse for a starting quarterback, such as the fiasco that was the New York Jets a season ago.

The backups in Tennessee are a problem.  Currently on the roster are last year’s rookie Malik Willis and this year’s rookie Will Levis.  Willis got three starts during his rookie campaign and had three interceptions in 61 pass attempts.  He had zero touchdown passes and completed only 50.8 percent of his passes.  He managed one rushing touchdown but also had three fumbles.

Levis, being a rookie, is an unknown but anytime you have a rookie for a backup, it’s not really ideal.  That said, the team may decide to go with Levis as the starter but that is yet to be seen.  I wouldn’t be shocked if the team starts the season with Tannehill, then moves to Levis later in the season, especially if the Titans struggle early out of the gate.

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