Ranking the Houston Texans QBs in the AFC South in 2023

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I promise this isn’t just throwing shade on the Titans but the Colts without question have far better depth behind their presumed starter, Anthony Richardson.  Plus, as I said previously, I don’t see Tannehill as anything more than an average starting quarterback.

The Colts roll into this season with arguably the most upside at the quarterback position of any team in the NFL.  Since Josh Allen’s meteoric rise to NFL stardom, teams are looking for that next Allen.  This is where Richardson comes in.  He has all the physical tools to be great and barring what happens with Jonathan Taylor, you could say he has the best supporting cast of any of the 2023 rookie quarterbacks.

The Colts' backup quarterbacks are Gardner Minshew and Sam Ehlinger, two guys that have been a round for a while now and have a combined eight years of experience in the NFL.  While it appears that Richardson will be named the starter, there is still some question as to whether Minshew might claim that spot.  His career numbers are solid with 32 career games, including 24 starts.  He’s thrown for 44 touchdowns and only 15 interceptions throughout his career.

Ehlinger has been with the Colts for two years now.  He was selected by the team in the 2021 NFL Draft in the sixth round and 218th overall.  He’s only logged three starts in his career, but he knows this team and playbook.