Ranking the Houston Texans QBs in the AFC South in 2023

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This one might come as a little bit of a surprise, even for some Texans fans, but hear me out on this.  Stroud may be a rookie but so is Anthony Richardson of the Indianapolis Colts and he may have a higher ceiling than Stroud, but I believe Stroud has a higher floor.  As far as the Titans go, well Ryan Tannehill is an average starting quarterback and has long benefitted from the presence of Derrick Henry.

Stroud has looked all right in training camp so far, though he’s had his rookie moments. But it’s the Texans' depth, as well as the body of work that Stroud brings from Ohio State, that gets the Texans the number two spot. A lot of how Stroud performs this season will come down to how well their receiving corps performs and their offensive line.

We know about all the accolades from Stroud as the number two overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and the uber-accurate arm he possesses.  We’ll have to wait and see how he performs when the Texans take the field and if I were to rank just the starting quarterbacks in the division, I think the Texans will find themselves ranked third.

But as I mentioned, depth means something too and the Texans might have the best set of backup quarterbacks in the AFC South.  Mills and Keenum have a combined 90 career starts, 64 of which come from Keenum.  No other backup quarterbacks in the division come anywhere close to this number of starts and experience.