Ranking the Houston Texans QBs in the AFC South in 2023

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I know what you're saying.  How can you rank the Jaguars number one after just saying depth matters?  Here’s the thing.  While depth is a consideration, the starting quarterback certainly carries the most weight.  Trevor Lawrence is by far the best quarterback in the AFC South and it’s not close.

Lawrence has become one of the best quarterbacks in the league based on how he performed a season ago, particularly in the second half of the season and the playoffs.  He finished the season with 4,113 yards, and 25 touchdowns, with only eight interceptions.  He finished seventh in league MVP voting and was a Pro Bowler.

The Jaguars' backups are currently listed as C.J. Beathard and Nathan Rourke.  Beathard has seven years in this league but only 12 career starts and none since joining the Jags in 2021.  At least he should know the playbook though and have some connection with the skill players.  During his time with Jacksonville, he’s attempted only 13 passes, completing nine of them for 68 yards.

Rourke is a rookie out of Ohio and is likely a practice squad option.  He went undrafted and unsigned in 2021 but was drafted by the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League with the 15th overall pick.  Rourke made a name for himself in the CFL, throwing for 3,349 yards and 25 touchdowns in just ten games.  He also added over 300 yards rushing and another seven touchdowns on the ground.  He helped lead the BC Lions to an appearance in the West Playoff Finals.