Ranking the Houston Texans' chances of winning against non-division opponents in the 2023-2024 NFL season

Houston Texans
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5. Week 11 vs Arizona Cardinals

There's a strong chance that Kyler Murray is back by Week 11, though even with Murray present in 2022, the Arizona Cardinals were a far cry from what they were as recently as two seasons ago. With a roster fully committed to a rebuild similar to that of Houston, this will certainly be a game that can be won by either squad. 

The Texans hold the home-field advantage and showed last year that despite their record, they can still remain competitive late in games against similar rebuilding franchises. The Arizona Cardinals fit this billing. 

The biggest test for the Houston Texans will be their ability to finish close games. If they show an improved ability to do so heading into this matchup, I can definitely see a scenario in which Houston can emerge victorious in this game. Though with each team’s current situation on paper, it can really go either way.