QB prospects the Houston Texans could draft

The Houston Texans need for a backup QB isn't mentioned as much as it should be.
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Michael Pratt, Tulane

Pratt had a pretty successful career at Tulane, where he totaled 9,611 yards, 90 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions in four seasons. The 22-year-old senior is expected to go early on during day three and is viewed by many as a potential starter in this league if he can develop. Obviously, the Texans don't need a starter, but if they can find success with Pratt starting in an emergency, they won't be left scrambling to find a veteran off of a team's practice squad.

Pratt missed two games early in the season with a knee injury that never seemed to completely heal up. But it's nothing to raise red flags and cause teams or media to be concerned. Bleacher Report wrote of Pratt "At least a few times per game, Pratt will take a clean hit to ensure he delivers a ball where it needs to go." This led him to be banged up at times during the season, including a shoulder injury that he suffered later in the 2023 season.

If the Texans are serious about trading Mills this year, drafting Pratt and having him and Keenum become Stroud's backups is the most likely outcome this month.