Game-by-game predictions for the 2023 Houston Texans after preseason

Houston Texans
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Week 1: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens - Sunday, 09/10

This was not very nice of the NFL schedule makers to make Stroud's NFL debut against one of the top teams in the AFC. Why couldn't have been a team like the Arizona Cardinals or Cleveland Browns? Oh well, it's going to be a rough start to the season with this opener but at least the Texans have an easier go of it for their home opener. Ravens 24 - 13

Week 2: Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts - Sunday, 09/17

Okay, this is a much better matchup and one that I think the Texans can win. The Colts are a mess these days with Jim Irsay ruining things with Jonathan Taylor, but they do have one of the more exciting rookies to watch this season. That said, I think the Texans are the better team this year and win this one at home. Texans 21 - 17

Week 3: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sunday, 09/24

I would love to give this game to the Texans but I don't believe they are on the Jaguars level yet. I know some fans think the Jags were a one-year wonder but this is going to be a very good team in year two under head coach Doug Pederson. Lawrence was vastly improved last year and is going into year three now and will be even better. Sorry, Texans fans, Houston just isn't there yet. Jaguars 27 - 17