One former Houston Texans player is taking shots at the head ball coach

I think we know why Steven Nelson didn't return.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

One of the biggest surprises this offseason came when the Houston Texans opted not to re-sign Steven Nelson, a former team captain and one of the better cornerbacks the team had. He started 16 of 17 games and had a Pro Football Focus score of 71.9. He was a huge piece of the defense and a name that surprised us all when he was allowed to walk.

The current free agent doesn't have a new team yet for 2024, but he's sure not done with the Texans just yet. At least, not done with the team's head coach, DeMeco Ryans. Taking to his Instagram page, via Dylan Delgatto on Twitter/X, Nelson apparently took a shot at Ryans and got utterly personal with the language used.

Many Houston residents are currently without food and power due to a large storm that came through the area earlier this week and many have taken to asking for help from anyone and everyone they can. This prompted Nelson to use some rather uncouth language to target Texans head coach Ryans, calling the leader of the club "milk dud man".

After a further diss at his intelligence, calling him a "meat head". It seems as though Nelson has a long-simmering feud going with Ryans that apparently is one-sided.

What should not be lost, however, is that while the comments are a few days old now, with camp underway, it'll be interesting to see if anyone else has any latent issues with Ryans. It's possible that this is just a one-off situation, with a disgruntled ex-employee who was not re-signed for a very obvious reason.

Or, it could be something more significant with Nelson not being an outlier but the first in what could be a line of disgruntled current and ex-players making waves. We have no idea if Nelson is fair for his anger, or if he's lashing out for some other reason. That being said, we're going to keep a close on things and make sure everything is going as it should be.