Noah Brown and Robert Woods are fighting for the same spot

The Texans will most likely keep six receivers in 2024, up from five that they kept in 2023.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Training camp is almost upon us! That means 90 Houston Texans players will be battling for 53 roster spots on the active roster. Many will have exciting position battles for fans and media to watch including a few Texans positions.

We will get into those battles within the next couple of months, and who could possibly win those battles. First, however, let’s get into the wide receiver room. I’m not going to mention the player we’ve all been talking about for the past month (Stefon Diggs), but players on the back half of the roster who are fighting for a spot in this loaded wide receiver room. 

The Texans will most likely keep six receivers in 2024, up from five which they kept for the majority of 2023. This year, with John Metchie back, and added talent from the top of their depth chart to the bottom, six feels like a very solid number here. Last year they kept five receivers for several reasons. Firstly, Noah Brown missed some time to begin the season due to an injury, and they just didn't have the depth that they do now to offset the injuries. So, who’s battling in training camp? 

  • Noah Brown vs. Robert Woods

Brown stepped into the spotlight in 2023 when he became a big deep threat for CJ Stroud, totaling 567 yards and two touchdowns on 33 receptions. Brown can line up both inside at the slot position, and outside as a boundary receiver, which makes him an intriguing player to watch to see if he can force Robert Woods out of a job. Houston has added a handful of receivers this off-season, including Ben Skowronek, who as Tom Pelissero reported, was just acquired from the Los Angeles Rams. Skowronek is a lot like Brown, as he can play both the slot and outside receiver positions. 

The Texans seem to be following a pattern here. Be versatile enough to play wherever you’re needed, or they don’t have a roster spot for you. That may mean danger for Robert Woods, who missed time with injuries last season and is currently 32 years old. 

Houston may already have Woods’ replacement after the ‘24 season. Skowronek is six years younger at 26 years old, and Los Angeles lined him up at fullback from time to time last season as well. There’s a lot here to make you believe Woods won’t be in Houston this season, and the whole “veteran presence” saying doesn’t apply here. They have their veteran in Diggs and may be looking toward the future instead of an aging receiver who didn’t get on the field with a thinner receiver corps. If Houston doesn’t add multiple receivers to this team, Woods may still be a Texan and we aren’t talking about this. But they’ve added two that can start right now, and one of them happens to be a slot receiver.

There's a good chance that the Ben Skowronek acquisition could affect two roster spots. Robert Woods, and fullback Andrew Beck, who has been with the team since 2023. If the Texans can save a 53-man roster spot by not keeping a fullback on their team, they can use that extra spot on another position they're deep at. They have a lot more talent than the fans are used to seeing, meaning if they can keep a player they like, it likely costs somebody like Andrew Beck a roster spot.

Prediction: Noah Brown

The Texans will value Brown’s youthfulness and versatility in this offense over Robert Woods. Houston could get a return back for Woods if they find a receiver-needy team on cutdown day, but chances are he won’t be back in 2024.