Nico Collins is already in on signing a new deal with the Houston Texans

Nico Collins wants to stay in Houston.
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Nico Collins had a breakout season in 2023, totaling more receptions, yards, and touchdowns in year three than he did in his prior two seasons combined. That type of production leap is tied directly to C.J. Stroud and his effectiveness as a passer in the NFL. Clearly, the leap in production and team success in 2023 (playoffs, AFC South champions) has Collins feeling a sort of way about the team.

The sort of way that says "Sign me to an extension." Indeed, that is exactly what he's thinking too. He's very much on board with sticking around with the Texans and is already viewing the team's monstrous amount of cap space in 2024 with the hope of getting some of that sweet pie.

Speaking to KPRC 2, Collins responded to a question if he'd like to sign an extension with the Texans, to which Collins responded;

Oh man, I would love that. That would be great. I feel like that’s what everybody works for. I’m just going to let it come to me, whatever they decide, whatever they want to do. I’m going to let it ride. Me, I’m going to continue to get better and work on my game. If they want to negotiate, we can.

Collins is on board with sticking around and we're not sure there's a Texans fan alive who doesn't want to see the wideout remain in the city. Collins has a massive season and along with Tank Dell could be a major pair of players for Stroud to throw to for years to come.

The only question that exists revolves around how much Collins wants, compared to what he should get. The Texans only saw Collins at his best for one season, and it may be a bit unwise to rush into signing him to a new deal at this point, at least not one that isn't loaded with some performance clauses. If Collins has to hit certain markers to make certain amounts, then we'd be more comfortable giving him that deal as opposed to one that's not incentive-laden.

If Collins regresses, or if 2023 proves to be a fluke, the last thing you want is for a receiver to have a massive contract and not be able to live up to the standards that come with it.