NFL Rewind names a surprising foursome for Houston Texans Mt. Rushmore

Despite being the youngest franchise in the NFL, the Houston Texans have their fair share of legendary talent.
San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans
San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have only been around for 22 years. They are by far the youngest franchise in the league and have one of the shallowest histories compared to others. Squads like the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts have been around for decades, and have the histories you'd expect of great and iconic franchises.

While the Texans aren't known for being around for 100 years like the Chicago Bears, they have their own rich and burgeoning history in real-time. They finally achieved their first Hall of Famer in the form of Andre Johnson and will soon have a second in J.J. Watt. This franchise has had some dynamic talent worthy of speaking about in reverence.

Yet, NFL Rewind recently named four players they think should be considered the Texans' "Mt. Rushmore" of the franchise. Names like Brian Cushing, Mario Williams, Arian Foster, and others would certainly make the list, or at least be in consideration. Right? Well, we can't say if NFL Rewind considered any of those names, but they did consider two obvious choices; Johnson and Watt.

The two current and future Hall of Famers deserve to be on the list, but the other two names were surprising, considering who didn't make the cut. Names like Deshaun Watson, Matt Schaub, Chris Myers, Jonathan Joseph, and Laremy Tunsil would all be names you'd consider. Right?

Nope, none were considered, instead the other two spots went to Johnson's fellow wide receiver standout DeAndre Hopkins and long-time left tackle Duane Brown.

It's not exactly the two names we'd pick to join Watt and Johnson, but it's not like they're not legendary in their own right. Aside from Tunsil, Brown is the best offensive lineman in Texans history. The two men will likely have a heated debate about who was the better blocker.

As for Hopkins, he was exceptional in his prime, though after he left the Texans and didn't have Watson anymore, he never regained the same dominance that he had in Houston. Was it injuries? Age? A less-optimal quarterback? Who knows. What we do know is that Hopkins fell off after Houston. That says something.

We're unsure who should be on the Texans Mt. Rushmore, but we know we're not in love with some of the four names selected.