NFL made the wrong decision not picking Texans for Week 1 opener

Big mistake.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The NFL has made a decision and it won't be the Houston Texans opening up the 2024 NFL season in Kansas City as many had predicted. Last year, the NFL surprised people when they went with the up-and-coming Detroit Lions for the season opener against the reigning Super Bowl champions so it only made sense to think they'd go with a similiar team for this year's opener.

Well, the NFL went in a different direction. Week 1 in Kansas City will consist of the back-to-back reigning champion Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, giving us a rematch of the AFC Championship Game from earlier this year.

While this match-up will give NFL fans a rematch between the last two MVP winners, the Texans feel like they'd have been a much more fun selection. We'd get to watch a team on the rise and see if they could do what the Lions did a year ago, going into Arrowhead and upsetting the defending champs.

It was a missed opportunity not scheduling Texans vs. Chiefs in Week 1

It's hard to be too mad at the Texans not being chosen for this game but it'd have been fun to see if this young team could have hung with the big dog Chiefs in the season opener. They'll still play each other at least once this season so we'll see what the Texans are made of then.

Perhaps the NFL opted not to go with Houston for this game because they were the ones who faced KC in Week 1 after they won their first title of the Patrick Mahomes era. The Texans lost that game but that team couldn't be more different than the one we're waiting to take the field for the 2024 season.

Chiefs/Ravens should give us fireworks but Chiefs/Texans just seemed like the best option. Guess the NFL schedule makers didn't agree.